Copyright and take down policy

The partners in this project respect and are committed to the protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights. Whilst we have acted diligently and in good faith to endeavour to ensure that the material on this site does not infringe any third party rights or laws, it is acknowledged that the risk of inadvertent infringement cannot be completely eliminated.

If you are the owner, or representative of the owner, of the copyright or any related rights in any of the material on this website, and do not consider you have consented to its use by us, please contact us.

On receipt by us of your written objection we will withdraw the material in question from our website whilst your objection is investigated. We will require the following information to enable us to investigate your objection properly. Its inclusion in your original communication will enable us to proceed with our investigation more promptly:

  1. Your full name and other contact details;
  2. An accurate and clear description of the material about which you are concerned, including the precise url at which you located it;
  3. A detailed explanation of the reason for your concern;
  4. If you are the rights owner or representative of the rights owner, evidence of ownership; and
  5. What action you wish us to take.

Once your objection has been received, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. We will acknowledge, in writing, your objection within 10 working days;
  2. The material you have objected to will be removed whilst we investigate your objection;
  3. Following our investigation we will endeavour to reach an agreed solution with you but if you have proven ownership and lack of consent, the material will not be reinstated to our website.

Thank you.